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WallpaperMover V2

The only Android wallpaper engine that gives you complete privacy, maximum flexibility and freedom to customize your wallpapers.

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WallpaperMover for Mobile and Tablet
Time of Day, Preset Intervals and Fixed Times

Time of Day, Preset Intervals
and Fixed Times

Make your wallpaper change in 3 different ways using the easy to use settings.

  • Change based on real Time of Day
  • Change based on Preset Intervals
  • Change based on Fixed Times
  • No Change at all like a normal wallpaper

Real Time of Day

Make your wallpaper change when the sun really rises and when it sets.

  • Twilight, Sunrise and Sunset times based on your real location
  • Tells you the Sunrise and Sunset times for every day
  • Choice to auto detect your location if you don't enter it manually
  • Tells you your geographic location without telling anyone
  • Different Twilight, Sunrise and Sunset pictures for every day
Real Time of Day
Preset Intervals

Preset Intervals

Make your wallpaper change when a preset interval elapses repeatedly.

  • Desktop like wallpaper on your mobile or tablet
  • New picture fades in while the old fades out simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of pictures can be used for your background
  • Preset interval can range from 10 seconds to 1 day
  • All settings take effect live without requiring a restart

Fixed Times

Make your wallpaper change at a specific fixed time.

  • Changes your wallpaper at a fixed time you determine
  • Up to 6 fixed times can be set simultaneously for every day
  • The same fixed times will be re-used for every day
  • Detects if your device time changes and updates the engine
  • Different pictures according to the fixed times for every day
Fixed Times
Inactive Mode

Normal Wallpaper

Make your wallpaper stop changing.

  • Stop changing your wallpaper by deactivating all 3 modes
  • Freeze a picture on your background at any time
  • Mimics a normal fixed wallpaper when in this mode
  • Turn off the engine but keep the current picture on display

Separate Pictures

Separate pictures for each mode in different folders.

  • Every operation mode has its own folder with separate pictures
  • Unlimited number of pictures are supported for each mode
  • Auto detects new pictures when placed in the folders
  • New pictures show up on the screen live with no restart required
  • Activates automatically when at least 4 pictures are in the folder
    to allow for picture sets to be created for different days
Separate Pictures

Questions & Answers

Does WallpaperMover support landscape mode?

Yes, support for both landscape and portrait screen orientations are supported. In fact every picture can have 2 different pictures one for portrait and another for landscape. This is for devices that can rotate their screens like tablets.

How can I setup separate pictures for landscape and portrait orientations?

The same picture can have two orientations one landscape and the other portrait. When you rotate your device assuming it supports screen rotation like tablets, WallpaperMover looks for the picture with the same name as the one currently on display but with a word 'portrait' at the end of its name. It then updates the picture live on your screen with that one instantly even if it is in the middle of a picture transition. By renaming your pictures to have the word 'portrait' at the end of its name this tells WallpaperMover which picture to use for portrait orientation and which one for landscape.

I placed some pictures in the WallpaperMover folder on my device but they do not show up on the screen?

Every mode whether Time of Day or Preset Intervals or Fixed Times has separate sub folders under the 'WallpaperMover' folder. Depending on the currently active mode the pictures are loaded from the matching folder for that mode. Like if Preset Intervals mode is the currently active mode, pictures from the 'IntervalsImages' sub folder will be used. Likewise for the other modes. Also, you need to place a minimum of 4 pictures for the currently active mode to begin showing up pictures on the screen. This is a technical issue due to Time of Day mode needing 4 pictures 1 for Twilight before Sunrise and 1 for Sunrise and 1 for Sunset and 1 for Twilight after Sunset known as Civil Twilight but it got carried over to the other modes too.

What do you mean by complete privacy?

WallpaperMover app is a pure offline app, it does not ask for Internet access permission and can't access the Internet without that permission. This gives you confidence that while the engine is running on your device no information is being sent out anywhere or received. Location information you enter manually or allow WallpaperMover to detect automatically also stays private on your device and used only to determine Twilight, Sunrise and Sunset times at your specific geographic location. Pictures used by WallpaperMover are your pictures and do not download from the Internet. There are no advertisements or any other intrusive or privacy invading activities running in WallpaperMover.

Does WallpaperMover support animated backgrounds?

Utilizing OpenGL, WallpaperMover streams a GIF to your GPU to be rendered on the screen. Basically it's like playing a video therefore any animated GIF can be used to display an animation on your background. This gives you more flexibility in choosing and customizing your own animated backgrounds and is more efficient than rendering a fixed 3D scene that consumes your battery and cannot be changed. In fact any video clip can be converted to a GIF and played by WallpaperMover on your screen.

Does WallpaperMover consume my battery?

WallpaperMover utilizes OpenGL to render the images on your screen to give you the performance and efficiency while preserving your battery and minimizing CPU and GPU cycles. The engine starts up only to make a picture transition when it's time to and then stops so there is no continuous rendering going on in the background. Therefore when it is in standstill the battery consumption is zero and when making a picture transition the battery consumption is minor and for a very short period during the transition like 1 second.

What types of pictures are supported by WallpaperMover?

WallpaperMover supports JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF including Animated GIF.

How do I tell WallpaperMover which picture comes first and which goes second?

WallpaperMover sorts and loads up your pictures in alphabetical order. By renaming your pictures you can sort them out as you wish.

What is the resolution of the pictures that are supported by WallpaperMover?

WallpaperMover recommends using a picture resolution that is equal to your device screen resolution. This is to reduce the amount of scaling and stretching of your pictures to fill the screen which is what the engine does when the pictures do not match your native screen resolution. If you want to use higher or lower resolution pictures that do not match your native screen resolution try to maintain the same aspect ratio of your device screen.

I received my license file in an e-mail, where do I put the license file?

Using a file manager app place your WallpaperMover license file directly in the 'WallpaperMover' folder not in any subfolders either by moving or copying then pasting the file there.

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