Privacy Policy

January 1, 2020

Syscom prioritizes your privacy and this is reflected in the products we build. Syscom strives to develop all components in-house not only to insure the quality of the products it builds but to make sure that they are safe, secure and respect the privacy of the user that it is built for. Syscom never really collects any data about the users of the products it builds. Syscom never gets feedback about the products it builds from the product itself but depends on the user of the product to voluntarily provide feedback. The products built by Syscom do not collect personally identifiable information. In cases where you voluntarily provided Syscom information about you such as when you request support or when providing feedback, this information is used to reply to your request. Information does get stored in the session in an encrypted form no matter which server computer is processing your request anywhere in the world which insures that even with this none personally identifiable information, this information is handled in an automated manner, encrypted and not viewable or readable by humans while in transit to Syscom. Information you may enter into a product while using the product built by Syscom is never transmitted over the Internet to Syscom or any other third party for any reason and is used only for the product to operate correctly on the same device it is entered in to. Automatically collecting information is never used in any of the Syscom products. This strategy applies to all our products and insures that even if you do provide some information to Syscom voluntarily or enter information in a Syscom built product, it is still private and you can be confident that there is no data collection code running on any Syscom built product.

We are committed to protecting even your non identifiable information that you voluntarily provide Syscom. Syscom implements physical, business and technical security measures. It is also possible that a security breach can occur due to an error by Syscom or an underlying platform used to build a Syscom product for example the operating system. Despite the efforts if a security breach occurs due to an error by Syscom or any underlying platform Syscom used to build a product on top off, Syscom will notify you of exactly what happened transparently so that you can take appropriate protective steps. Syscom will also do what is reasonably possible to minimize the effect of the security breach. Syscom also don't want to store your information for any longer than needed and it is only kept long enough to do what it was collected for. Once it is not needed, steps are taken to destroy it unless required by law to keep it longer.

Syscom may need to change this policy and notices. The updates will be posted here. If the changes are substantive, Syscom will announce the update through Syscom's usual channels for such announcements such as blog posts, forums and e-mail. Your continued use of the product or service after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

Privacy Policy
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